I'm on the hunt for a Les Paul. I played the trad, and it was rad. It was a wee bit heavy though, and not quite worth the price. So I started looking for alternatives. I came down to the idea of a 2015 traditional (I know! Robot tuners! Wider fretboard! Brass nuts! That Logo! That Hologram! Oh the horror) due to the solid body, great build quality and stunning tops (and cheap price due to the logo etc). Then I considered spending more and getting an R8 or maybe an R9, but these are very expensive, and my girlfriend does not need more reasons to leave me.

So stumbling round on Thomann I found Maybach guitars. Satisfies the need for a traditionally built Les Paul, 59' looks and a good weight. They're also wonderfully aged:

It looks like it's better built than the Trad at the same cost, and close to an r9 on quality, probably a bit behind.

I googled and a few guys who like Les Paul clones seem to like em enough. And also a lot of reviews in French, but I don't speak French and have no intention of learning.

My main issue is I cannot try it as UK stockists don't seem to exist. I know asking people isn't trying, but if anyone has any experience it would be great to hear before I have my heart broken when it arrives and I should have just got the Gibson.
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Here is some information from Maybach users



I don't own one (yet) though the Mastermind of this brand lives about 5 minutes from where I live

As far I can tell, these are more than a great alternate to the overpriced stuff from Nashville

Here are some more links with informations


Hope this helps
Yup. The Maybach guitars sure look very nice. I don't think you'll be disappointed in getting one tbh.

Especially when you have every possibility of landing a total junker from Gibson.
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AFAIK, you pretty much can't go wrong with a Maybach.  However, if you can't find the Maybach you seek, consider Heritage guitars, made in the old Kalamazoo Gibson factory with (some) original Gibson machinery by a company founded by former Gibson employees.

Here's one on Reverb.  Prices are comparable to Maybachs.
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