Hi All,

I play guitar in a Scottish rock band called The Signal Fires. We tried making our own video for the first time, on a budget of zero, and with a little help on editing. Would be keen for any comments, as we quite enjoyed the process, and are planning embarking on another. WE also recorded the song ourselves, and would be appreciate any comments on that also !


Get a buddy that can handle a camera to shoot some footage for you while you play. Everything is static as it stands and I hate adding zoom in post. It just bothers me for some reason. Just get creative with it as much as you can. Having the camera move and changing perspective goes a long way. I shoot all my own videos as well on a no budget basis but I also have a background and passion in that field. You did a good job with working with what you have. Utilizing simple things like lights. But you have to be a lot more convincing and animated. You were all stiff as a board and I swear the drummer was giving me dirty looks the whole time. Have fun with it and try different things. There is no right way to do it so by all means, get weird! 
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Thanks thats really useful feedback - and your comment about the drummer is killer !  Cant wait to tell him.  

We are planning on doing another soon, so will take this onboard.