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i do have a question about a guitar I'm going to buy. Is it worth the money and what do you generally think about the made in japan despite that they re good?


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fender japan makes really nice guitars. some are basswood instead of alder but otherwise are usually well made.
wasn't able to look at the link. i guess it depends on 660 what $s, Euros etc. in the US the price might seem a little on the expensive side (but not unreasonable) in europe ot so sure as they have better access to japanese fenders. 
apan 1984-1987.
Alte, gespielte Japan-Strat aus den 80ern.
Große Kopfplatte (70er-Reissue).
Seriennummer: E623792
Hals aus dezent geriegeltem Ahorn.
Wurde ca. 2005 von Stratmann in Hannover neu bundiert. Von Neubundierung noch weit entfernt.
Alles Original. Außnahmen: Volume-Poti und 5-Weg-Schalter mussten mal erneuert werden (Göldo).
Tone-Potis hab ich abgeklemmt, Volume-Poti in die Mitte verlegt (alles wieder leicht in den Originalzustand zurückzuversetzen).

This is the text to the guitar. 
MIJ Fender stuff has been creeping up slowly over the years.  85/86' Strats or other E-series stuff used to go for the $400 mark quite regularly, but I think the secret on old Japanese guitars is fully out now and people recognize their value, maybe to the point of inflation.  You can still get used ST-57's for pretty cheap, I wouldn't expect that a 70's RI would be much more than that.  

I personally love the MIJ E-Series stuff.  Pickups are garbage, but the rest is very solid.  However, 660 Euros strikes me as a lot for that.  You could find them around 500 Euros easily in the States, not sure what your situation or location is though.