Hi! So I'm pretty stuck on what to get. Both floyd rose, the satin see-thru black for the 350 and the red with maple neck for the hellraiser. I'm looking for playing some rock and some heavy metal too. I want something that will handle drop d and c tunings. Something with a thin neck. I don't know which one to get. I would try them out at like a guitar shop but I live in a small town and they don't have these kind of guitars here so I am limited to basically the internet. if anyone can help me more about the guitars and what I should go with it would really help me out! Funds aren't really a problem. I just want something that would be fitting. Thank you to anyone who replies!
Just to let you know a lot of people are going to ask or are at least wondering what is your budget, because we might be able to recommend a better guitar for the money, especially if you are going to go used.

From my experience with LTD and Schecter guitars in general - though not those models specifically - I find schecter necks to feel chunkier, so I would lean toward the MH-350. Also if you are wanting to change tuning regularily I would suggest you don't go with Flyod bridge as changing tuning becomes much more cumbersome than on a hard tail.
guitarsngear  well I rarely tune down to c I usually stick with d and e. My budget is around $450 to be specific. If you have any other suggestions I would gladly try them out at my guitar store if they have it. It would be well appreciated man
Even if you change between E and D often (hell, even if you change between E and Eb...), you dont want a floyd. 
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It does not matter how much or how little you tune down or up. Any adjustment in tuning will still require completely re-setting up the Floyd. This is why guitars with fixed bridges are a far better alternative if downtuning is something you're going to be doing regularly.

The only other alternative than living with the tedium of having to keep messing with the Floyd to get it to work properly in a new tuning is to buy multiple guitars. If your budget is large enough, this may be a viable option. You have said that funds aren't a problem after all. If that really is true, then in all fairness it begs the question why you are only looking at $350 guitars.
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I agree with the comments above, if you are changing tunings you want a hardtail or you will be endlessly having to adjust your bridge. Based on your budget and guitars I am assuming you are looking used. I would also checkout some jacksons, a DKMG (japan made dinky with floyd) or a DKMGT (japan made dinky with hard tail), you might also be able to find a good deal on an older Jackson DK2