Can anyone tell me my options for hooking up the head to the cab?

Get a "speaker cable" for running between the head an the cab, correct? How about the cable for hooking up the footswitch (i've always seen them prewired but bugera's site shows an empty female connection, maybe just for a prettier product image?)

Can I split the signal and run stereo (would i want to?) If I go mono, (head says 8ohm minimum) does that mean I can go higher numerically or load-wise (lower numerically) and I'm I can could even be wrong on that

Any help is appreciated - thank you!


Speaker cable for head to cab, yes. Don't get a super long one if you don't need it. 

The footswitch will come with a cable attached (you can see this in the pics, here). Doesn't look like the head comes with a footswitch though so hopefully you ordered that separately. The cable plugs into the footswitch input you see on the back of the head. 

The head is mono so there's no point in splitting it. Just run the output into the 16 ohm input on the cab with the switch set to mono. Don't overthink it - 8 ohm minimum means you can plug it into a cab that's 8 ohms or more.