Playing whole shows without a strap....
Many of you have seen this before ? Any famous bands with a strapless bass player ?
Can't be the only one but I googled it and came up empty.
Going strapless....pdf
In 2005 I saw Napalm Death and the bass player broke the strap button out of the top horn, played the rest of the show with a Tesco bag wrapped around the upper horn and tied to the strap.

Also a couple of years ago I saw Fatso Jetson and Mario Lalli opened his guitar case to find the strap button had come out of his Telecaster - managed to do one show without a strap and got it fixed by the evening

not a problem I'd want to have
Quote by smb

not a problem I'd want to have

I have to concur here.  It sounds like a brilliant way to screw up your back.
Your technique is going to suffer from having to focus on holding the bass. Also, you will have to have a very light bass. 
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat