I suppose I got a guitar for 1978 to label Ibanez J model no. 540 see pictures, I found in the catalog Ibanez 1978 J540, but it's not exactly the type I do not know whether it is because he has el. sensor ...
What is according to you about price?
Sound someone, seeing someone, which could have cost ?

Ibanez J 540.pdf
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Hi and welcome to the forum, I found catalog picture, but it looks the same as yours.

Don't know about prices on that exact model, but J540 AV prices vary around 600-800$ - ebay and one more source.
It's not very helpful, but as it is.

No, but it's not the same look closely, another cap and this is electroacoustic
It's a similar

( My guess is + - 1200 $ )

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How are you sure that it is the 1978 model? 

It seems to be the one that Udjine mentioned in his post, based on looks alone. My best guess is that it is the 1978 J540 that Udjine mentioned, but somebody added an aftermarket pickup to it. What is the make and model of the pickup that is installed? Pictures would help as well.
My God, it's full of stars!
I bought a guitar in 1988 and the original owner said that it is 10 years. This corresponds to 1978 ..

The label says only model J 540, Japan ...
See the PDF above.

All I know ..
I do not know if these guitars done under license in Poland or other
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