Hey, so I'm working on a chord tab for a song (Bostadsansökan by Laleh, if you know it) and it's pretty far from finished - but I accidentally pressed enter and apparently that submits the tab for approval.

Oops, shit.

It currently sits in the "TPA Queue" so I guess I have some time before it actually goes online, but I just wanted to know if there is any way for me to remove the song from the queue and resubmit it once its done?

I may have commented something along the lines of "oh crap this is not done I'm sorry" on the tab itself which probably didn't help.

Do I just have to try and finish it before it goes online, or can I resubmit without having to have it rejected?

Thank you so much for any help. I'm very new to this and would hate to screw everything up this early lol.