Hey everyone. I found this LP styled body and neck on GFS and I'm thinking about picking up and starting a small project. I know I shouldn't expect TOO much for these, but they look to be a fun platform to make a goof off guitar. Anyone have experience with buying a prepainted LP body from GFS?

Here's the link to what I'm looking at:http://www.guitarfetish.com/Glued-In-Neck-Flamed-Top-LP-Style-Fully-Assembled-and-Finished--Blue-Burst_p_21104.html
I don't think this is a regular item from GFS. 
It's also not a "build." 
You're just tacking on hardware. 
It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that these guitars will need fretwork to get them playing right.

Bear in mind too that this is not the way to go if you want the highest quality guitar for your money possible. Every piece of hardware and electronics you buy will be a ton more expensive per component than if you just bought a guitar with all that already included.

Unless you're going to do something really bizarre with this guitar, I wouldn't recommend it. You're not really building anything in buying these guitars.
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My approach to this kind of thing is to go down the local hock shops and look for something with a decent neck and body that you I can use as a basis for modding. I've done three like that. It isn't all that cheap, especially when lack of resale value is taken into account, but I see it as a good way to get a unique custom guitar for not too much money.