So I've been playing guitar a little over a year now and back in October I decide to start learning solos... I tried the solo from Skillet's Whispers in the dark and everything I played perfectly fine except the sixteenth note triplet lick... Sixteenth note triplets have really killed my ability to play solos! If someone could help me on what they did or point me to a video I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here's a link to the solo... The triplet lick starts around 0:17

Ha! I was about to ask because the last time a flash speed guitarist told me he had only been playing a year it turned out he had already been a violinist for decades...
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And there I was typing out a reply thinking that the above performance was very impressive for someone who has only been playing for a year.

Okay, here's my thought: it's not the sixteenth note triplets that you find difficult (that is, assuming you know how to count them), but rather the speed at which it's played. This solo is far from a fast one, yet that triplet run can indeed be quite daunting, especially for a relative beginner. I looked up a tab of this song and looked at how it's played, and there's quite some difficult stuff in there. The tempo is around 90bpm, meaning 16th note triplets translate into 9 notes played per second. That sounds like a lot - and it is when you're just starting out. Furthermore, there's some difficult stretches, a lengthy 'legato' part and the 16th triplet part up on the highest fret. 

If you really want to play this solo, I suggest you divide it into sizable chunks, rather than try and play the whole solo at once. Go at it measure by measure (or even half measures) and learn every part individual. Get the right notes down at a slow tempo first, before you try and speed the thing up. And that's probably the most important part: you will want to train your fingers to hit the exact right notes and to manage that perfectly, you need to get it down slowly first, before you try and speed it up.

If all else fails, there's absolutely no shame in giving up either. I (and certainly other forum members) could point you to some solos that are easier to play than this one, because you surely did choose something difficult to begin with :P
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RDSElite Actually the first thing I got down was the fast scale run... It's that lick that has hurt my ability to play. Could you recommend some solos that are easier that use sixteenth note triplets? I'm into classic rock all the way up to modern metalcore.
What do you mean with 'has hurt my ability to play'? 

I'm also confused which lick you mean; is it that 6 note repeating lick on the high frets? 
How do you play that one (which notes fretted where, pickstrokes etc.)?
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