I was actually thinking of getting an acoustic next but these two really make me foam at the mouth. I don't think there's any in stores nearby though. So until I can try them I was wondering if people here had any advice or experience with either or both of them? Seems like if you're craving that Gretsch sound, then you should just get the Gretsch, right? But I've seen posts where people say the pickups might need an upgrade. On the other hand the Epi seems really great (I've got an ES-335 Pro so I know they can make good quality stuff), apparently the pickups are quite good, and I like the fact that you can switch between series and parallel... I see the trem arm is different too, but having never owned a Bigsby I'm not sure if it makes a difference other than aesthetics...

I guess you could always wire the pots on the Gretsch down the road to do the same thing, especially if you end up upgrading... if that's necessary, I don't know... thoughts?
No takers? :-D OK I was wrong, a GC nearby has both (although not in that GORGEOUS blue). Will go this week-end...
The Filtertrons in the Gretsch will most likely outperform the pickups in the Epiphone. I prefer the stylings and sound of the Gretsch, but that's just me. That seafoam-y color is my preference  
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Yeah, the more I think about it the more I feel like getting the Epiphone would be like getting a copy. Might as well get the real thang. The Aspen green is pretty too! Very retro!
Go Gretsch!
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I'm a big fan of the Epiphone archtops, and I definitely wouldn't rule it out on principle unless you specifically really want a Gretsch, which is sometimes just how it goes. I've played the Swingster, and it's a really nice guitar; moreover it does the sound just fine - if there are doubts about the G5420's pickups then the Epiphone is absolutely in the running there. Sure, it's essentially Epiphone's take on Gretsch's guitar, but the end result is really pleasant to play, works just right. As far as the Bigsby arm is concerned, it does make a bit of a difference, as the Atkins-style wire is a tad longer than the usual spoon and gives you a bit more leverage which means a bit more springiness, as Bigsbys tend to be a bit stiffer than other trems. I've actually considered sticking one of those handles on my Telecaster, but they're pretty expensive on their own.

I haven't played the Gretsch, so I can't make the comparison myself and I generally hear good things about Gretsch's Electromatics, but all I would say is don't dismiss the Epiphone till you've tried both.

Also, the strap buttons the Gretsch are stupid (In my opinion, anyway) but I'd put Schallers on any guitar I meant to use with a strap anyway
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I am too, I have an ES-335 Pro (the step up from the dots I guess), and I love it, it's da bomb, the quality blows me away when I think I got it for $377 new (taxes included)... so I'm sure the Swingster would be really good too (I'll definitely try it). In this case I think it's just a case of simply wanting to go for the original... you know? Plus since I already have an Epiphone it'd be nice to have the Gretsch.
Well I've tried two G5420T today at the GC. I was really impressed... One was new, action was a little high for my taste (that's maybe why it was tuned half a step down :-D), but other than that, wow... quality is top notch, it sounds really, really good, snappy pickups, they really pop, I loved it. Both neck and bridge sound really good. On the other one (used) the action was a bit lower and it was a joy to play. The neck feels nice, not as thin as my Epiphone, but very comfortable anyway. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of these soon... in blue. <3

I'm not familiar with Bigsbys at all but it was fun to mess around with one. I noticed that the one on the new one was noticeably stiffer than the one on the used one. Maybe the springs are different, I don't know. Did not seem to put the guitar out of tune... Anyway, really fun guitars...