I pause whenever I switch. I'm working on my speed. Especially when I'm moving from a first position chord to a barre chord.
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Dan477 Hi, I think, it's just a matter of practice, I can't really recall that I did something special to make a chords change quicker.
When I practise a new chord that I have not yet committed to muscle memory I try to practise going from all and any other chord to this to a steady rythm. Not to fast and maybe only two beats on each chord. The important thing is to get as many transitions to it as possible and to do it in a (semi) musical context.
muscle memory! your muscles will remember where everything goes. it will come naturally when you've got the hang of the chords you are learning. keep your eye on the fretboard and try to picture where your fingers will be for the chord that's going to be coming next so you can prepare, i guess. just be conscious of what you are doing. also, focus on accuracy over speed; make sure you are fretting the correct notes and playing the correct strings. speed will come after. it's particularly hard for barre chords, but keep practicing and your fingers will move to the correct chord placement once you see the chord name in the blink of an eye. don't fret about it (lol see what i did there) too much, in no time you'll be able to smoothly switch from open chord to barre chord and barre chord to barre chord (:
Do changes between that chord and loads of different chords, but do it as slow as you need to so that you get it right, its all about your muscles remembering the exact position and fingering of the chord, youll slowly get quicker as your practise my friend