I've played them both on electric and acoustic and love them. I'm curious what you folks have to say. I'm talking just normal electric strings, .10 gauge. Which do you prefer and why?
Neither...D'Addario, 10 pack for $35, change them every 2-3 weeks and always play with fresh strings. Old stale expensive strings are usually a ripoff. I personally know that some of the talent on the pictures change strings before every show, even though they do a happy picture with their 2 year old Elixir strings "still fresh, and still haven't broken one" for the guitar mag ad. 
Elixirs actually do last a long time for me - basically, until I break one, and then I just replace the whole set. I can have sets that last literally years without any tone, feel or intonation issues whatsoever. The first set of elixir strings I put on one of my guitars was an 11-49 gauge set on my Burny SG which is one I use regularly, for gigs I get paid for, I put on the guitar on november 1st 2011, and... they still sound great. 

They start to LOOK a bit crusty after a while, but that never seems to hurt the tone. YMMV, of course. If you're in a position where you have a huge touring budget, with a guitar tech who is paid to change your strings and check your setup before every show, though... there's not much reason why you wouldn't let the guy do the job he's paid to do. But if, like me, you make money from it, but still have to factor in the cost of replacing strings, and the time it takes to change them, because you are paying for them yourself and changing them yourself due to not being able to afford to pay someone else to do it... Elixirs are a real time and money saver.

Never used cleartones - Elixirs work for me and it's one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations.
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I really like Elixir strings, mostly because they outlast by far any other strings. I personally did not really like Cleartone strings, but I only tried 2 sets. D'Addario are also great strings, possibly my favourite, but require to be replaced too often. Due to time and money, I tend to set Elixir strings on my guitars. I also really like DR strings but have become hard to find locally. I find that DR do not feel as nice as D'Addario but in my case they outlast them.

Please note that all I mentioned is from my personal experience and it is not scientific data. There are too many variables that make the strings right for you. I have very oily hands and they damage the strings so coated strings last way more. The playing style also determines how long the strings last.
we used cleartones at the store, i personally prefer elixirs for acoustic and dr blues for electric.  ymmv
Elixirs are great. I swear by them. They last ages and for me, the reported tone loss you get by using coated strings is well worth the lack of need to change them all the time. I can't hear a difference between them and Ernie balls to be honest.