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Looking at a Tokai Superstar 1980 in reasonable condition, although not stock. What is one of these worth (roughly speaking)? Asking price is roughly $300. Worth a punt? I don't have a single coil fitted strat at the moment - it may fill that void

You should probably ask on the tokai registry forum, they know their stuff there.
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same here, never heard of that model.  post pics here and there, someone will chime in with a decent idea of value.
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My mistake - it is indeed a Silverstar (scuffing over the decal - so I wasn't the most observant )

Thanks - will head on to the tokai forum with it Fleabay has them on for around $360 so I guess it is slightly under value by the seller (dimarzio cruiser pup in the bridge so not stock). 
if the body hasn't been routed out and it doesn't need a re-fret, then that's a good deal. assuming everything except the pups is original.

but never buy without asking if they'll take a little less.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
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