Hey folks,

I'd like to build my own personal monitor amp based on the Rolls PM50s. However, I'd like to simplify the schematic and omit the Gnd-lift, monitor input and stereo signal. I'm a total beginner when it comes to electronics, but I do have some basic experience with soldering. I recently built my own footswitch and thought it was an incredibly rewarding experience.
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You could easily "omit" those bits of the circuit by just not including their jacks/switches on the external housing, and wiring their bits of the circuit either permanently open or closed (open circuit like an open jack, or complete circuit like a cable plugged in). I would think you would close the Ground Lift (so the ground is not lifted), open the Monitor In (essentially leaving it disconnected), and open the Stereo switch/close the Mono side.

There are others on this forum that may be able to give you more specifics. You can also check on The Gear Page forum, probably on the Amps and Cabs Tech Corner sub-forum.