It's been 8+ years since I did a full build, but as soon as I got started on this strat project and noticed how quiet this forum had become over the years, I felt inspired to build again. The only luthier-related difference between me now and me 8 years ago is that now I can (barely) afford master-grade lumber! So I ain't cuttin' any corners on this one when it comes to materials, and as a result I'm hoping this will be by far my best build yet.

I took my time sourcing these pieces in hopes that each would be uniquely beautiful, and I'm happy with the results. They've been slightly damped to show figure in these pics.

Body: one-piece African sapele mahogany, 1.5" thick

Neck: one-piece torrefied curly maple.

Fretboard: Brazilian kingwood

Top: good ol' fashioned American quilted maple, 0.8" thick for carving.

Inlays: green abalone shell. Not set on design yet, probably some kind of animals.

- ESP Horizon style shape
- 2 humbuckers
- 25.5" scale
- 24 stainless steel frets
- Set neck
- Tune-o-matic with string-through body
- Locking tuners
- Tusque nut
- Blue top, natural binding, everything else clear lacquer

Needless to say I'm very excited to get to work on this, though things are hella busy and I'll be making progress on this as time allows. I also throw this build out to anyone on the fence about diving into a build or modification project, either for the first time ever or for the first time in years; I'll be completing this build in the bathroom of my tiny apartment with hand-held tools exclusively, so there'll be some "creative" techniques involved and of course I'll be short on time, but if I can make it work you probably can too.

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Between this and your yngwie project, you have become someone to watch.  Its gonna rock!
Righto, finally getting started in on this: just finished planing the top for joining.