I've recently got a second hand Kemper and I am really really satisfied with it. But I have two questions:

1) I'd like to use a midi switching pedal. Does the Behringer FCB1010 or something of that kind work or is the Kemper one needed?
2) I'd like to have an unprocessed singal to play to that goes through the Kemper without being affected. Simply plug in my computer and have the song I play to go through the Kemper. How do I do this? I've asked the support and I've been given this answer:

"The settings for the Aux in function can be found in the output menu.
The Auxiliary Input function allows you to feed a stereo signal, such as a mp3-player, into your Profiler to play along with it. In the Output/Master menu, the Auxiliary Input function is equipped with three controls: one to feed the aux signal to the main outputs as well as S/PDIF OUT, and two others to feed it to the Monitor and Headphone output. This allows you, for instance, to add an additional monitor signal to your headphone output, while the main output stays unaffected. The auxiliary signal will not be affected by any internal effects.
You will need to purchase a special cable which provides the stereo signal via two separate TS jacks. Plug the left jack into the Return Input and the right jack into the Alternative Input. Use the "Aux In ..." soft knobs to adjust the level.
While you have an effects loop active in your Rig, or you are in Profiler Mode, the Auxiliary Input cannot be used, since the physical inputs are needed for a different purpose.
Please do not forget to turn down Auxiliary Input volumes when you are not using it, to prevent unwanted hum and noise.

Could anyone help me put? I'm kind of a newbie to the Kemper world.
1. Yes, entirely possible. If you go for the FCB1010, I can highly recommend getting the Uno4Kemper chip. Installing it is really easy and makes it so you don't have to do any programming yourself. I used it for more than a year and have since upgraded to the Remote with 2 Mission pedals. Extremely worth it. 

2. The support hits the hammer on the head. So you basically have to get a cable that goes from a stereo jack to 2 mono-jacks. Plugging the L-signal one in the Return and the R-signal one in the Alternative input. Then you can go into the Output Menu (press the soft knob that says Output above it) and adjust the settings as mentioned. 

I don't know how you're listening to the Kemper now, but I go the other way around to play along with music. I send my Kemper to my audio interface that's also connected to my PC and I just play music from my PC and play along. Way easier than using the auxiliary input option in my opinion, but it does rely on you having an audio interface to sum the PC and the Kemper together. You could achieve the same by sending the outputs of the Kemper and your computer to a mixer and monitoring the mixer with whatever you'd like. 
Thanks for the answer.

1) Are there any other midi switching systems that don't require that chip? And also, what do you mean by programming it?

2) How do you send it to your interface? Using the digital out or the normal analog output? That would add another AD and then DA conversion to the signal though.
The  Behringer FCB1010 doesn't just work out of the box.  You have to program it for whatever you use it with.  See all the bad reviews where people buy it assuming it is a cheap easy midi controller, only to find out that programming it is over their skill set.

People sell chips for all kinds of devices to make using the Behringer FCB1010 much easier.
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First has been answered above. MIDI isn't plug and play. You have to tell the device what to do when which button is pressed. That's the case for all MIDI-devices AFAIK. You can bypass it for the FCB1010 by getting an aftermarket chip. The only thing you need to do is open up the pedal, take out the old chip and put in a new one. It's very easy. As I said, the Remote is well worth it and if you can afford it now, I'd highly recommend you get it now and not later. 

I connect my Kemper with SPDIF to my Focusrite 6i6, but using the main outs works just as well if you don't have SPDIF.  With SPDIF, you need to use 44.1KHz, since the Kemper doesn't support more, so if that's a problem, you'll have to go analog. I know there are plenty of people who do analog outs just for this. There isn't an audible difference from my experience anyway.
I've tried comparing the direct output through the headphone jack of the Kemper to running the Kemper through the interface and the sound is considerably worse. I have a Scarlett 2i4 which does not have SPDIF.