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I recently stumbled upon a Docu-drama in the form of a podcast called The Black Tapes. I won't go into too much detail, but it deals with ghosts, demons, the occult, etc. The acting isn't fantastic, but the story is pretty strong and keeps you hooked for the most part.

This got me looking into the world of podcasts...I was very surprised to see that Podcasts seem to be making a comeback. There's a lot of people out there making high quality podcasts, not the cheap webshow-out-of-my-basement type stuff we saw in the mid-late 2000s.

So does anyone else out there listen to any podcasts?
Making a comeback?

How was the rock youve been under the last 7 years?
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A bunch of science/tech, news, and interview ones. Also I didn't listen to Serial, but just finished the sequel S-Town and it was okay.
I fucking LOVE podcasts, listen to several a day most days. Kinda surprised this thread isn't more popular to be honest, I assumed the sort of people who dwell on forums might also be the sorts to listen to podcasts a lot

Anyway, my current list of subscriptions -
Kermode & Mayo's Film Reviews
Football Ramble
Elis and John's Radio X Show
Danny Baker
Infinite Monkey Cage
Adam Buxton
Isy Suttie's Things We Do For Love
Luke & Pete's Summer
Private Eye
Friday Night Comedy BBC Radio 4
And sometimes I check out the Stuart Goldsmith com-com-pod if there's a good guest.


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No jumper is pretty much the only one I watch, YouTube based.
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Rooster Teeth
Bill Simmons
Comedy Bang Bang
Off Topic
Dude Soup
Garbage Time with Katie Nolan
Storm of Spoilers
Cast of Kings
How Did This Get Made

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