Whenever I try to print guitar tabs with multiple pages it makes it unreadable when going from one page to the next... like at the bottom of the first page it'll have the lines for EBG and DAE will be on page2.

I've tried saving it and copying and pasting in multiple ways but it either doesn't let me edit it or the formatting will be all screwed up.

I'm using a mac and I don't have Microsoft Word.
Shift-Command-T in TextEdit, copy into there first

Do you have a word processor that will allow you to make page breaks? Use a /monospace/ font, fix the margins, and then copy from TextEdit into that word processor, making page breaks where needed
NeoMvsEu Whats that commend supposed to do? it just brings me to a weirdly formatted page...

I can add page breaks. I have "Pages" or "TextEdit" pages I can not get to format correctly and text edit looks right but I cant get it to show where it separates the pages unless I go to print preview but you can't edit it from there.  So frustrating. 
Shift-Command-T should allow to switch between rich text (do not want) and plain text (monospace, preferred behavior)

If you copy from plain text into Pages and change the font to something like Courier New, it'll preserve formatting