i've never had this problem with a site before. when i click on Browse, it won't open files like i normally see. i have the option of getting the photo from a flash drive, but even typing the file name doesn't work to pull it up. seems like it should be easier than this, unless there's something wrong with my computer.
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NeoMvsEuthanks. but i did read the FAQ. however, it doesn't explain how to copy a photo from a flash drive from what i read, unless that's not allowed. could still be my computer maybe. i've run out of ideas. i guess i don't really need to use this feature if anything.
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Lloyd_rogers, I did:

Quote by NeoMvsEu
only the second option is available. Please read it

You need to use an external image host if it's a personal photo
NeoMvsEuokay. i don't know what that means and probably don't have the luck to figure it out. maybe my boss can help me in person.
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You need to load the photo to a site - either your own website, or image hosting site like Photobucket, ImgBucket, even Dropbox (as long as you create Share->Link in Dropbox on the image).
Then copy paste the link here with there brackets around it. Here is an example of the logo from my website.
By right clicking on the image in my site "Copy Image Location" (Firefox) I got the image http address, which is

then wrapped it with the tags in here, so what I typed is:


and what came out:
diabolical thank you. but i'm not good with computers. i can't get this done. if it ever gets like facebook with posting pictures, then i can use this feature. not a big deal. thanks again. 
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