Thanks for the review of my recent track Aaron!  I listened to both of your new tracks, and to be honest these are so far outside of what I normally listen to, I'm not sure my comments are worth much, hehe.  You've definitely got a knack for layering tasty synth in the background of your songs, similar to some of the better bands in the 80s (some of them did it badly thought too -- for which the 80s are remembered).  I liked your bass-line and bass tone on "What You're Gonna Be If", as well as your use of the wah.  Nice job!
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Hey man, good to see you're still churning out tunes at such a rate! I listened to So Far Away. It was a nice tune- totally off the wall but I liked it. The various instruments fit together well and although the vocal melody is a bit out there, it works well for this song. I think the vocals were perhaps a tad loud, especially towards the beginning but the levels seemed ok as the track progressed. Overall the mix was solid. The instrumental parts towards the middle of the track were superb. 

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Hey man, as promised As I listen:

So Far Away:
 Interesting synth here, I really dig it it's reminding me of something I can't put my finger on. What are you using for the synths? Songwriting is solid as usual and your vocals are fucking awesome. I'm at the bridge right now, it's a perfect 80's inspired synth solo, dude really good job this sounds like it could be on a retro television show. I'm getting Mr. Robot Season 1 vibes from the outro, amazing.

What You're Gonna Be If:
This feels a bit like grunge mixed with vocals and drums from the 80's, really interesting mix. I'd be curious to hear what those guitars would sound like even dirtier and more distorted with like 20% wet reverb where it semi-blends, would sound interesting. Again, your vocals are really cool, are you multitracking vox here?

Dude your song writing is solid, nothing I could say where there could be improvements. I liked So Far Away more, I could definitely feel it more you nailed the vibe perfectly.
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Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it!  On "What You're Gonna Be If", there is no vocal multitracking.  I used Roland stereo delay and a bit of Roland chorus to make my vocals sound "bigger".  On "So Far Away", I used the following synths: Arturia Moog Modular-V, u-he Zebra, Arturia Mini Moog-V, and Lennar Sylenth.  Currently, Arturia doesn't use the Moog name in their synth plug-ins.
Aaron, thanks for listening to my latest. And yes, I might be copying you with the "always C4C"  I listened to "So Far Away" and the vocals seem a little high in the mix. Your synth sounds are cool though. On the other one the mix is much better. That Batman sounding riff is going to stick in m head all day. You should post your lyrics so we can follow along. Good work.