Taking out my middle single coil because I dont use it, gets in the way and its too quiet unless I have it raised (thats how its in the way)
Gonna replace it with an LED twinkler.

I'm a bit stuck as to where the wires are placed.
How exactly do I wire the remaining humbuckers to the 3way switch?
This is the selector for my V7 pickups I have a red and white wire and bare for ground.
I believe the red is the hot, and the white wire is for single coil mode so ill be taping that off
I have them wired to the 3way switch like this but still getting no sound what so ever!
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OK. I'll bite.

Hunting around, it seems you should have started with either this stock wiring or maybe this stock wiring, which is basically the same but the colours match what you are saying and the tone pots are slightly different.

Anyway, the first thing to point out is that, unless you've replaced the switch, that's a 5 position switch, not a 3 position one. If all you did was disconnect and remove the middle pickup it should function just fine but you'd get silence in the middle position.

So perhaps you could start by saying how you want your switch to work. If you're happy to lose the coil splitting function then what you've drawn does look like it should work, with both pickups being active in all three middle positions.

All you can do is check all your other connections and make sure you've not got a short elsewhere. A multimeter is useful for checking signal paths, if you have one.
Yeah I want them both as humbuckers which is why I havent connected the white wires since they are for single coil mode. So basically act as a normal 3 way for 2 humbers 
1 - for bridge
2- for both
3 - for neck

Ill go over the wires again, maybe the output jack to volume isnt connected properly, only thing I can think of
Done it, turns out the Guitar LED twinkler I've got, whenever I connected it to the jack it would automatically cut everything out.Works fine otherwise.

Now just trying to figure out why connected my LED twinkler would cut noise out? 
Thats the pickup im adding in there if anyone wants to check it out.

Really annoyed about it
We'd probably need to see hook-up instructions for the LED thingy. It'll need batteries, so does it also need a stereo jack like an active circuit, that breaks the circuit when you take the guitar lead out?

Edit: I skimmed through the page. It says there's just one wire to connect to the jack for the 'sound-to-light' sensor, so that'll have to go to the hot terminal. If that's what you've done and it's not working then I'd try and see if the guys who do the LED thingy have any suggestions.
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I think i may know what Ive done wrong, I've wired the ground of the to the stereo jack so that when I plug the guitar in it completes the circuit to turn it on similar to how Ive got my LED kilswitch to work

Maybe having the battery ground connected to the output jack instead of straight to the battery itself is causing problems. my killswitch turns on when I connect a guitar lead to it and so does the LED twinkler but isnt sound responsive. Ill try rewire it soon and see if i have any luck