I've got a dean split tail, without the floyd with a tunomatic bridge. How much do you think it's worth?

I can't seem to find this guitar anywhere, every one that I see has a floyd or is a different color. I've got the black one, with a silver line that goes around the edge. As far as I know it's got dean time capsule pickups. I figure the reason I can't find any is because it didn't sell very well and will probably be hard to find a buyer for. Anybody know what it's worth? I can upload pictures if you need them.

What do the ones of a different color sell for?  I'd start there. . . 
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The only one I can see at the moment is the celtic one which seems to be around £4-500. I can't even find the spec of this thing though, is there anything to look for on the guitar that will show me what it is? I can't see any numbers or anything, maybe there's something inside the back wiring compartment, I've no idea. 


This is the closest I've found, but mine seems to be higher spec than this one. Nicer block inlays and a metal spikey boomerang shaped thing that the strings go through. Apologies for my bad terminology, I don't really know what I'm about when it comes to these things. It's got a set neck as well and white binding around the edge of the neck and headstock.