Can anyone recommend a Looper/Effects pedalboard?
I want something easy to setup to use at open-mic nights, i.e one pedalboard, one thing run power to.
Also, i hate the loopers that you have to 'stomp' twice to stop cause it's near impossible to keep time and stop the loop clean.
It needs to have effects so i can record the 'clean' part, loop it, then play a different tone over the loop.

Is the "stomp' twice to stop" thing something that people eventually learn how to do live? Seems most loopers are designed that way(?)
The pedalboard power supply is going to depend a lot on what pedals you have and how many. A lot of the time you can get away with a One-spot and a daisy chain which is super simple and cheap. After that you get into power bricks like the Pedal Power 2+ and other isolated units which are more expensive but let you run more sophisticated and larger chains with less noise. Any even halfway competent pedalboard with a carry bag is going to do what you're asking, barring any more specific needs. Just pick the right supply to pair with it.

Stomping twice to stop is a single-button looper thing as far as I've experienced. Pretty much anything with two buttons (Ditto X2, any of the Boss RC20/30, Digitech Jamman, etc etc) are going to have a dedicated or assignable stop button. Even the single button RC-2 can have an external stop switch plugged in. It's just not true that most loopers are designed that way, just a couple of the small ones with no external switch capability. 
Roc8995  Maybe the way i want it to work is unusual: to recap: I want to record my loop part early in the song to use later underneath a solo. Or put another way; I don't want my recorded loop to start playback right away. I have a Digitech Jamman and a Digitech Trio+, a 'stomp-once' does work but it assumes the user wants the loop to playback right away. 
I have a Electro harmonix 360 and it can hold 11 different loops. In that case you just record ahead of time in a more ideal environment and play them back later. (yes even if you turn off power) 
dont know if youre still looking,

I've got an RC30 and having two buttons means you can record and then stop with single button presses.


play intro
press Left button - start recording >
start playing Verse >
press right button - stops recording/stops playback >
play chorus >
press left button - starts playback of saved (verse) phrase 
play solo over saved (Verse) phrase >
press right button - stops playback

add in an FS5 or FS7 and theres much less double tapping or pressholding you'll have to do.

you can record up to 3 hours over 99 tracks on the RC30, and if you fill that then its got USB so you can download them to/from your PC. 

it can also be configured to only playback your phrase once rather than looping (Oneshot playback)

get on the Roland/Boss website and download the manual and quickstart guide.
once you've had a flick through the manual you'll have an idea of which features to search for on youtube.
Even the Line6 DL4 is a wonderful looper, that is more powerful than many of the single button loopers.