Hey folks... i'm going to buy a Metal Muff with Top Boost pedal to play some thrash, i have a Epiphone Explorer 1984 with EMG 81/85 pickups and Line 6 Amplifi 75 as amp, which is a modeling amp
as you know, Metal Muff works perfectly with tube amps, may it works as well with modeling amp?? if not, which pedal do you recommend??

Thanks in advance
Generally speaking, dirt pedals- overdrive, fuzz & distortion- don't work too well with modeling amps.  Those amps tend to sound much better using their own digital models.
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Does the modelling software on the ampli allow you to add pedals to the sim.

if it does try setting on a highgain any model and add an overdrive to the software. Turn the distortion on the overdrive all the way off and the volume and level all the way up.

see how that works before you pick up a pedal. 
No Muff > digital modeling amp in almost every case. It sounds nasty.  New amp first...
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