Suicide is a touchy topic for me, because I've known 3 people that have taken their own life, including a family member.  I rarely listen to Nirvana anymore since Kurt checked out.  Anyway, I'm personally glad that the lyrics aren't obviously about suicide.  Writing music can definitely be cathartic though.  Anyway, you already know I like your singing, and continue to feel that way in this song.  This song, including the singing, reminds me a lot of the Cure, which to me is a good thing.  It all sounds quite good to me!  Please review my music at this link: 

aaron aardvark 

Thanks for the review bud, sorry it took me a while band and I have been practicing religiously, we're trying to be gig ready by this Summer in May. Thanks for listening, we're definitely going to make this song our single/closer once we start playing live, band all agrees that it's my strongest one I've written yet. Yeah the lyrics aren't really on the nose, I typically like to write lyrics slightly obscure, it's the expressionist in me. I'm gonna check out yours right now