So I'm getting the body of a BC Rich Ironbird pretty soon here off a friend for 30 bucks. That leaves me with one major component that's necesary... The neck. Does anyone happen to know a good source to get one specifically from Canada? The currency conversion to USD is absolute trash right now so ordering from the states is a last resort kind of thing.

I don't have pictures of the body yet, or even the body but it sounds like I'll be getting it before the end of the month so I guess I'm more in the parts acquisition phase.
My plans are to route it for a Floyd Rose, paint it and put some EMG's in it then it'll be good to go. I'm looking at quite a few colour options but I'm likely going for black with red painted bevels since it compliments my band's current design theme.

Anyways, if anyone knows about BC Rich necks in Canada let me know. I'm going to keep this thread regularily updated
I guess the way the headstock angle goes doesn't matter but to be honest I'm more of a tuner facing up kind of guy.

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BC Rich replacement necks don't really exist. Unless someone rips one off a Bronze Warlock he found at a pawn shop and dumps it on ebay for $50.

Just because the guitar is a bolt-on doesn't mean you just just throw any old neck on there and expect it to work. The neck pocket dimensions from one brand to the next are almost never identical So any custom neck you do buy will likely require extensive modifications to fit the pocket properly, get to get the neck angle and the intonation point of the neck correct. It is not as straightforward a process as it seems.

Really the go-to for custom necks are Mighty Mite and Warmoth. But they're both US. Don't know of any Canadian suppliers.
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Oh yeah no kidding eh. The previous owner of the body tried grafting a Warlock neck onto it and the heel was too big. Even if the intonation's off it doesn't really matter cause I'm routing out the Floyd cavity so I can mess around with positioning there. Fortunately BC Rich is pretty basic as far as neck angles go, I don't think I've seen an angled headstock that doesn't have the backwards scarf joint.

Ideally I'm looking to keep this guitar BC Rich branded even if it's me throwin a bunch of shit together and calling it one. I'd even be interested in buying a neck with a totally bunged up fretboard since I have a couple ebony blanks laying around. Otherwise I'd probably make the neck myself before I paid for a Warmoth haha. I guess I'll give myself a good month of looking for a BC Rich neck before I just decide to make it myself. 
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