Instead of necro bumping some old good deeds threads, i will make a new one.

Pit, tell of good deeds you have done or something someone else did that made your day

Or just something that made you happy today. Whatever it may be.
burnt my dad some dvd's for him to watch

helped my mum with her emails for her new job
once I was waiting at a bus stop and saw a lady running for the bus, so I stepped forward and tapped on the window stopping the bus just in time. I'm basically spiderman okay.
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I broke someone's bike. Does that count?

You made me laugh so yes

ok fine, follow up question, what were the circumstances in which you broke the bike?
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Anyway, there's a bike shed behind my building, and someone was kind enough to just shove their bike into the entrance so that no one else could get in or out. When I tried to lift up the bike to move it, I accidentally ripped off the saddle...
Last good thing I did was give a homeless $5. It's been a while though. I don't go out much and don't see them very often.

Last good thing that happened to me was having an coworker give me his PlayStation VR for free on the count that he stopped using it entirely and was just collection dust (even pointed it out, so I know he's not lying. ). Mentioned this in the chat thread.
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someone was kind enough to just shove their bike into the entrance so that no one else could get in or out

well that really is quite nice I must say
Last year I held open a door for some old lady with a zimmerframe. I could probably have helped her lift it over the slight bump in the doorway as well but I figured one good deed is more than enough

Last week a friend bought me a pizza. I will probably never return the favour.  
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Spent two hours comforting a friend who was unhappy and letting him vent to me, then let him sleep in my room in case he needed anything plus he'd been crying so his roommates didn't need to see that.