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So, as I said in the title, I'm about to buy my first guitar. For the past few years, I have played on my dad's acoustic guitar, but I felt like it was time to step up and buy an electric guitar. I have leads, the amp, and everything I'd need, just not the guitar itself.

I'm only just delving into the world of electric guitars, so I'm most likely going to say some pretty stupid things in this post.

I was hoping to buy a Harmony Stratotone, either the H44 or H45, simply because I loved the tone. I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative to it, or if there was a way that I could get the same tone out of another guitar.

^ I really like the sound of it here in the beginning of the video.
It's certainly a bit of an oddball, and the tone you like may have a lot more to do with the amplification chain than the guitar itself.

What kind of amp do you have? Charlie Christian pickups are good for that very smooth jazzy tone, and Maton use the Lollar version in some of their guitars. I know that other makes come with CC options, but I can't recall which.
I haven't tried any harmonies but I think they have proprietary pickup designs? In other words they probably sound more or less unique- a few boutique pickup winders are starting to offer replacement pickups based on some of those more obscure vintage brands, but I would think that's getting a bit too ahead of yourself if you're only starting out.

Good news is I'm not sure that tone at the start is terribly difficult to achieve (at least if you're ok with getting into the ballpark, rather than nailing it exactly)- it's a pretty standard jazzy tone. neck pickup selected on the guitar ought to do it. I'd say humbuckers would do it, or maybe even better, P90 pickups.

What type of budget do you have?

(As tony says the amp is pretty important too.)
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As others have said, that tone is more about the amp and whatever pedals- if any- that are being used.  How all that stuff is dialed in will have a bigger tonal impact than the guitar. (Not that the guitar doesn't matter, of course.)

Here's a P90, a Charlie Christian, and a humbucker all generating some tones in the same general family. 

So, what is your budget, what is your amp, and what genres of music would you like to play?  Also, any strong likes or dislikes about visual aesthetic?
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Uh... Excuse me?  Ya know back in the day when us poor boys that couldn't afford Gibson's Rickenbacker's or Fenders we settled for crappy Harmony's right?  Couldn't wait to get rid of them and buy something better,  But yet today these turds come out of the wood work and idiots pay good money for them.   And to think of all the crappy guitars I've had over the years if I'd have stashed them in the attic I could retire comfortably, Not that I cant now, Just saying.   Vintage crap guitars are better left to collectors,  Newbs such as yourself need to stick with more modern and reliable guitars, rather than chasing a tone they heard on a video clip featuring a professional player finessing a relic.  Companies such as Eastwood do a lot of vintage reproductions, Even the crappy ones, although of much better quality than the vintage originals, But the fact you even brought up the whole Harmony thing leads one to believe you aint got a clue 
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Most of the tone you heard in that video at the start is the player and the way he plays. To my ears it sounds like a cheap guitar being played well. Anyway you should look for something with P90 pickups, like an Epiphone Les Paul 56 Goldtop

Imo this will be a much higher quality instrument, that will be more versatile and give you the tones you want assuming you have the skills. I don't know your budget but this is way down in the affordable end of things, just above the entry level budget stuff.
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