Hi everyone.

Here is my description of a video I made (link below) with some added commentary which is found in square brackets and underneath the quotation. The description is possibly more helpful than the video itself:

"I have trouble usually with getting the G string to sound out properly when playing the intro to 'Stairway...' by Led Zeppelin. It seems to be that the barre is at fault. I know practice is key but I've practiced a lot [-- and improved at the intro slowly --] and think my technique may be wrong. Please lend me your advice. Thanks."

Also, please note that changing the angle of the neck so that it is less horizontal in comparison to my body helped, but I think it did not solve everything.

Furthemore, I find it more helpful when I practice little and often rather than really frequently, for long periods, or miss many hours between sessions.

However, no matter what I do I still can't play all the notes properly, let alone in good time throughout, qand I;m just talking about the intro here, never mind the solo.

I don't want to just dismiss it as a strength-building thing as I want to make sure my technique is the best it can be.

Lastly, if it is a strength-building thing and nothing else, how do I build up strength efficiently?

Here's the video:
The problem with the barre is that you are trying to barre using the base of your finger so that you have one or two joints of your finger sticking out above the neck.

For the STH intro you don't barre the whole neck, just the D G B and E strings, using just the two distal segments of your index finger, so that the edge of the neck hits the second joint from the end of your finger.

In general, you only use as much finger as needed to hold the fattest fretted string of the chord.

It will help a lot if you lay your index on the neck so that the side of the index that is closest to the thumb is the part making contact (roll your hand about 15 degrees or so toward the nut to get the side of the finger more on the strings). Likewise, when you use your third finger as a barre, roll it towards the bridge to get it contacting on its side edge closest to the pinky finger.
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The biggest issue I had with this was what Paul said: Just grab what you need in terms of what strings you're barring. This case: Barre the 5th fret from the D string down to the high E and you'll be fine there.

Another thing I noticed(and had to go back and check my own technique to make sure) was your thumb being so high up the neck. Anyone can feel free to correct me, but I find barring MUCH easier when my thumb is centered on the neck. I did notice, however, that I tend to bring my thumb back up for open G and C major chords. Never actually paid much attention to that haha...

Oh, last thing: Looking at the arch on your middle finger makes me worry that you might have a lot of tension in your fretting hand(not 100% certain on it though). Just a friendly reminder to make sure that your hands are as relaxed as possible. I understand that can be difficult if you're just starting out, especially if you don't have built up callouses on your fingertips. Besides just numbing the pain of the string friction, I feel like callouses are underestimated in just how important they are to not having to put undue tension on the frets.

Also, check out this "how to" link on the intro to the song. I won't lie, I haven't played the song in forever so I had to go do a look-up on youtube for this, and I really feel like this will help you:

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Thanks very much to all who replied so far for your responses, which I read with interest but maybe not the greatest comprehension since it's now after midnight here in England. Anyway I made this video, a different but related one to that which I posted previously. Please read its description and feel free to respond to it, even if you replied earlier. Cheers.

You need to re-read what I wrote about rolling your index toward the nut to get the side of the finger on the strings.

In fact, before trying to form the chords with the rest of the fingers you should practice just making the barre alone with just the index (rolling it over toward the nut to use more of the side edge of the finger), forming the barre and moving it around up and down the neck until it sounds clear and feels strong.

If you try to barre by putting the underside of the index flat on the finger board you will have very little strength, and you will tend to bend the joints backwards which must be avoided, always. Using the side of the index provides much more strength for a solid barre and the finger can remain slightly curved, as they all should at all times.
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I'm pretty sure the Bible requires that you play through a tube amp in Texas.
Have to agree with the replies you have had but have a question. Is the action of your guitar low enough and are the fret heights alighned correctly. Either will make these chords much more difficult to play.
That's an incredibly weird thing you're doing with your thumb there...it should be at the back of the neck, not above it. 
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The  thumbnail  for the video too.  Watch how much you are pulling your fingers outward.  Try and keep your form a bit closer to the neck on your fretting hand.  There's never really a time where I'd be playing and my fingers would be that far out or bent 
Paul is right. Your placing your finger flat down. Roll it so you are using the outer edge more (the bony part). Also, your thumb is too high, that's why your top joint on the index finger bends back. Lower the thumb to the centre of the neck. Also ,you've got a lot of tension in your hand. Look how your middle finger is so straight and tense even though you're not using it! It should be relaxed, hovering only just above the strings.

I don't know how your disability effects your fine motor control in the hands, something to research perhaps? Looks like you have control over your fingers in the video, but hard to say. From here it simply looks like you are holding it wrong.

In fact, before trying to form the chords with the rest of the fingers you should practice just making the barre alone with just the index

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