I am in my final year of my BA (Hons) Educational Study course and i am looking for participants to take part in a short questionnaire about 'Online Learning Communities for informal learning'. Please could you contact me on my E-Mail at liamclmeson@yahoo.co.uk. Thankyou!
Can you provide evidence that you are not running an elaborate variant on a Nigerian 419 scam?  Sending me $500 would be sufficient.
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No one can really fuck with the power of empathy.
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(Don't even ask what it means)


Still need applicants for my questionnaire don't be afraid to participate help a fellow guitarist out  
Hello, OP.  In the words of your home country: Ope ti mo ti rie.  

In addition to a cash advance, I'd like to see documentation that this project has been approved by an institutional ethics board.  I need clear information about risks and safety measures associated with participation before I can give informed consent.
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No one can really fuck with the power of empathy.