What are your thoughts on Jackson X Series? Are they any good?
Are they also from factory in Indonesia?
I kind of view them (perhaps a bit unfairly) as a poor man's Pro Series. In virtually every way, the Pro Series are way nicer.

I think the X series are made in India.
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T00DEEPBLUE i agree dead on. they cut some corners IMO. go for a used pro series. MIJ are great for $300ish on the used market.
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I own USA Jacksons, MIM, MIJ, and an X Series. 

I picked up the SL3X because I always wanted an pink SL1 and just couldn't find one, at least not for a price I thought was reasonable.

From the factory, I can say that it really is worth the extra money to go to the PRO series. They're MUCH better.  I was lucky and got an X that didn't have any issues as far as build. I immediately swapped the bridge and all electronics and pick ups. 

Its almost on par with the pro series after putting $400-$500 into it.
Well I am in Germany and I didn't find any MIJ for 300. Only 500 + or even 600+ don't remember. Thank you for feedback!
I put my hands on a SLX3 and 2 about 2 hours ago. I was too impressed unfortunately. For $600 I expected a bit more.

They were made in Indonesia fwiw.
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I just sold mine yesterday to a buddy, if that helps at all.  It was a decent player, but even with the upgrades it wasn't impressive enough for me to pick up regularly.

Not I'm looking at an ESP or another USA Jackson to replace it.
I've owned an RRXMG for a while and I personally think its a great guitar. It's not quite in the same league as the MIJs (like the Kevin Bond Rhoads I had before) but for the price I paid I have been very happy with it.
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What about JACKSON Christian Andreu RRXT? (Gojira Signature)
It is also from X series and they are made in Indonesia not India (I had Indian JS32T and it was complete crap) . Christian Andreu's Jackson  has one  Duncan Designed HB-102B Humbucker and costs 650€.
X series are X series. They're all made equally. They not "bad" guitar by any means. But you can definitely tell the difference between even the Pro series and them, and theirs no comparison to the USA series.
What is the main difference between them? Is it sound, weight, frets?
I found used RRTMG from Pro Series for 600. Any good?
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What is the main difference between them? Is it sound, weight, frets?
I found used RRTMG from Pro Series for 600. Any good?

Fit & Finish, QC, playability, over all feel.

It could just be in my head, but I feel the MIM Pro's are a bit better than the Indonesian ones.  Personally, I'd save up and pick up a used USA.  Night and day, you'll thank yourself, trust me.  My Pro DK2 is a great guitar, I really enjoy it.  It's a work horse and is excellent for a Jack of All Trades, but my USA Jackson's are just ... they make me smile ...
I would like to get used USA Jackson but I won't have that much money any soon  
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