so i'm trying this writing thing again, a back to basics song. i wanted to make something that wasn't impossible to for me to play because i got a new mesa boogie .50 cal awhile ago and it sounds great, so i've been writing material to capitalize on the absolutely trashy-clean sounds i'm getting from it on my beautiful tele.

edit: made a lot of changes, additional instruments/layers/subtle fx. also please use the bandcamp or gpx for listening purposes, as the gp5 probably sounds like shit (for tab purposes only)

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Hi Dregen. I thought that I'd step in and give you a review since you've been giving reviews but haven't gotten a response yet. 

Firstly, you were right--the bandcamp version is definitely a better listen than the GP5 version. 

Overall, I enjoyed your song. The chord progression is simple and chill, almost to the point of monotony and boredom. However, as a listener, I kind of end up losing track of that as I hear the drums driving the rhythm. The layers help to break up the homogeneity and also helps to increase the intensity of a track that very easily could have become "monotone." I also love the ending, including the final chord that you ended on. It's unexpected, haunting, and even a little ugly, but it sounds "right" given the context. Imagining it in the context of an album, it would work as either the opener for a darker song, or even as a closer. Good job.

I'd appreciate it if you could review my song Eclipsed. You should be able to find the link to it in my signature.