What's your thoughts about these amps. I prefer to play mostly 80's type of stuff. Thrash, heavy metal. I'm also thinking to get some pedal with amp too boost it if it's needed.
I prefer the DSL40 out of those two.

However, the XXX Super 40 is AMAZEBALLS for 80s hair and Thrash, which is what I play. 

I picked one up on a whim, added a V30 112 ext cab.  All my other gear is now collecting dust. I not kidding, I literally put most of my gear up for sale on CL this weekend, including my precious 6505+ head.
Peavey XXX? I wouldn't go for that amp at all. One good channel (crunch) and two barely serviceable ones.

Out of the two amps Bebras mentioned, I'd probably go Engl, based on quality and reputation. The DSL40 is a good amp, but they're not as well built as Engl and I usually recommend them as an all-in-one amp for the US market as the price is OK, and the tones are very good, and Engl is usually hard to find.
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Peavey XXX? I wouldn't go for that amp at all. One good channel (crunch) and two barely serviceable ones. 

I dont have an issue with any of the channels. I find all 3 very useful. The Ultra Channel is great for old Metallica, Exodus, others in that style of Thrash.
^^ I dunno, I've heard several people now (whom I trust... at least in the online sense of the term ) who say Engls actually aren't built all that well and are hard to work on.

I mean, if he's in the USA there are likely better-value options.
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