Just want to say a quick heartfelt thanks to those of you who got involved in the recent emuso software trial. We've had really nice comments back, which of course are very welcome, and helps reduce the nerve levels a bit! But where you have really helped us was telling us about issues you found, or things that would provide more clarity, The issues are all fixed, and the quicker suggestions we've taken care of.

A new trial is starting today, and we have a few places left, but you need to ask to get involved within the next 3 days.   This is ideally for folk that have problems finding their way around on the  fretboard, and/or want an interactive reference for scales, chords, rhythm, and progressions, and that may have struggled with music theory in the past. In exchange for your time and expected effort (around 1 to 2 hours), you get our software for nothing, including future versions. Drop me a line at info@musicincite.buzz.  See message below (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/redirect/post?p=34428014) for more details.

Also by way of thanks, I will shortly do doing more lessons for UG guys, using emuso to visually explain stuff to hopefully help you guys advance your musical journeys. Trialists will be able to interact with these lessons
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jerrykramskoy I'm interested too. I've struggled for long in the past with music theory, but learned a lot in the last few years by myself. So I'm not a beginner... Still I want to learn more and I think I can give constructive feedback. I sent an email.
Music is the way.
timoel We'll get back to you bit later today.  Thanks for your interest.  A bit more info for you...

You'll need either Windows 7 up (8, 10) or Mac OSX 10.7 up.  (Android coming later in year).  We ask you commit to complete the trial within 2 weeks (1-2 hours?) and provide feedback (survey or skype etc) which takes around 30-40 minutes. 

We are being told It's a lot of fun as well as very effective.  One trialist told us he had 10 minutes to spare in which he decided to install the software and open it to check it ran ok ... 2 hours went by and he had been completely absorbed without realising it ... "I learnt more than in the last 40 years".  Another, who I have been teaching fore awhile via the Internet, developed a condition before I knew him where his memory became impaired.  He's finding the concepts from emuso have really helped him, and even more so once he got the software in his hands.  Yet another trialist ... "every ounce of information is right there in front of your eyes".  So far, so good !

The trial includes some basic-level sample interactive lessons (sound, pitch, semitones, octaves, intervals, clashiness or otherwise, triads)  which let you test your understanding and emuso can correct mistakes if you ask it do so.  emuso also comes with interactive user guide and help videos.  Our focus for the trial is all about usability and simplicity at the moment, and finding out which lesson format(s) you guys prefer (video, audio-only, something to read) and what length ... they are all interactive.  

The UI makes it really easy to learn intervals (the basis of everything outside of rhythm) and recognise them in chords and scales, and hone in on these to pick out by ear.  There is also very strong support for learning fretboard navigation (through intervals or pitch names) ... as you move the mouse over the "guitar" (or piano, bass etc) the UI lets you know the interval from the current "anchor" (root) or pitch names, and supports different tunings (including your own), and left- and right-handed players.  Pattern-wise, you have a lot of freedom, from regions, to 3 nps,to design your own (including string skips).  Click and drag anywhere to relocate the pattern, and it'll do the right thing for the current tuning.  These shapes are all editable, or you can start from scratch.  Practice-wise, you can design your own arpeggios and rhythm, create chord progressions etc.   The UI also makes modes very easy to appreciate with a couple of clicks.

It's our passion to make this stuff as easy and accessible to all, for folk not to be scared off by "theory" (criminal, in our view) and realise it's actually no worse than a kid's simple jigsaw puzzle, if certain roadblocks are removed. The full lessons cover from beginner, through blues,  modes, etc to outside playing and advanced jazz.  

It's guys like you that are helping change things for the better.
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