Hi! I need help with installing Hot Rails humbucker on my Korean Squire Strat 1993 . Just can't find the right scheme. Tried many different variants, none of them really works. Exact model of the pickup is on the picture below. I've been not able to fix it for a couple weeks, I'm kind of missing playing. I took a few pics, hope it'll be enough.
I'll appreciate any help.
Thank you and have a nice day!

If you want to use all the wires and coil split it you will need a different switch. not enough terminals on yours. If you want to wire it up with that switch, based on seymour duncan hot rails. Put the green and bare together and solder to ground on the back of the volume pot. twist the white and red together and tape off (they will be unused). Solder black wire to open post on switch. This site can help you out.... http://guitarelectronics.com/guitar-wiring-resources/

Also since you have single coils in there. Unless they are super hi output you should have 250k pots not 500k.
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