Hi folks,

Got a trade offer on a guitar I had listed locally for $600. The offer is for a vintage ('70's era) Gibson SG with a headstock repair. I've got a few pictures to share but wanted to get thoughts - the pickups have been replaced with modern Gibson pickups, but it comes with the original PAF's. I'm not sweating the repair, it looks to be old and typically the repair will be sturdy if done well, but I'm not sure about validating authenticity beyond the serial, which I've done.

Please see picture link - what are the thoughts?

Well, those aren't PAFs, which makes sense because they weren't using them by the 70s. Plus they'd be worth more than $600 on their own if they were real. 

On the actual trade, I'm of two minds. I worry a little bit that the seller hasn't been able to sell it outright and is trying to trade it for ~$600 worth of other gear. That might be a sign that all is not well, since it ought to be worth more than that even with the headstock repair. On the other hand, if the seller is just lazy or genuinely wants what you have, those 70s SGs are pretty cool and if the truss rod is ok (not guaranteed, especially with that headstock repair) and it plays well, I'd jump on it for that value. I wouldn't worry too much about authenticity, everything looks real (if not original; tuners and that plugged hole near the controls jump out) plus nobody's out there faking grungy 70s SGs with headstock breaks. 

I'd go give it a try, ask to wiggle the truss rod just a bit to make sure it isn't frozen or loose, and take it if everything works.