So right now I do not have an amp and I've been running through a line 6 interface and making tones / downloading some on my computer for about 3 years but I'm looking for an actual amp. I probably won't be playing a live set or anything just need something with options for home use. Would a combo amp be better than a head/ body rig or vice versa? I don't know much about heads and stuff like that and exactly how that works lol. Thanks for your help!
Also no budget really but I would like something affordable
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What genres do you play?

Will Lane just about everything, I have a gibson LP for classic rock and a ibanez for metal
gigging? at home?
ok going used?
define affordable.
what kind of metal?
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Classic Rock to Metal is not what I would describe as everything...Anyway what kind of budget are you working with, is buying used ok, what is your general location so we know what kind of market you are working with?

As far as combos vs head/cab its up to you. A combo just has the head and cab together in one box. Combos are generally easier to move around (1x12 combos, 2x12 combos can be pretty heavy) because they are one piece, with larger setups a head and cab are easier because you spread the weight over two pieces instead of one, but for home use a 1x12 combo would be fine. 
$$ at your disposal?
Home town?
3 favorite guitarist influences?

"Everything" includes Irish shanty's, Country & Western, Flamenco, BeBop Jazz, Classical, Renaissance, Samba, Salsa, Straight Jazz, Experimental and on and on.  You are going to need to pin this down if you wish to get useful recommendations.
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awokenjb3 just get JCM900 1x12 100 watt combo... You cant found in brand new condition because that amp already discontinued, but you can found it in ebay...its cheap real 100 watt amp in small package... If sometimes you plan to play in live gigs just plug it on 4x12 marshall cabs or you can mod it as small JCM900 100 watt head...
awokenjb3 If you're just playing at home and not with other live instruments like bass and drums, then a small practice amp in the 15 - 20 watt range is all you need. Any of the Fender Mustang or Peavey Vypyr variants would be fine. They have lots of on-board effects and are suitable for any type of music.

You say you don't plan to use this for anything other than home, but if there's a possibility of garage bands in the future, you might want to get something a little more powerful.  The Roland Cube 80 series is big enough to gig with in small venues but almost as compact as a practice amp. I gig with one on a regular basis in a country rock band. 

The only advantage of separate heads and speaker cabs is flexibility and weight. This can make sense for folks who want a lot of speakers in a big venue, but for playing at home, it's overkill.