hey so i recently slapped a pair of mmk 53s into an old sg i had lying around (some filing of wiring channels was required, it was a pain in the ass, all in all).
the sg formerly had two single coil pups masquerading as humbuckers, pretty funny right?
now the problem with new ones is that their bottom end is currently muddy af.
don't get me wrong i don't mind a little sludge but this is like toxic radiation levels of grime. like i can feel my hair falling out, thats how shit it sounds...
colour me dissapointed, right?
i was told that it could potentially be the tone pots (250k usually for single coil and 500k for humbuckers - or was it the other way around?)
and that if i swapped out the tone pots with ones better suited to humbuckers that i'd get a more defined sound - a sound with definition, at least.
any truth to this? or is this just more lies and misinformation being spread by the man?
i got a pretty good deal on the pickups and i'd like to think they were a decent purchase.
thanks, any help is appreciated.
by the way, i stole this riff.
yeah that's the right way round- 250k for singles, 500 for humbuckers.

i think it's the volume pots rather than the tone pots, though? (or maybe both. maybe you shouldn't listen to me. )

my sg is muddy too but never got as far as changing the pots.
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You could just disconnect the tone pots and see where you stand. The volume pot value is important too, perhaps more important in this case.

some reading for you though - http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/the-tone-garage/250k-pots-versus-500k-pots-going-deeper-into-the-subject
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The lower the value of the pot, the duller the sound. This is why strats have 250k pots (to darken the overly-bright sound).

Here's a really good video on the subject with spectrum analysis and playing examples (this whole series on pots and treble bleed etc., is really great actually):
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