Ok hello UG
I'm currently writing and recording my first actual recordings
but I've got a big problem
One of the songs is in a sinatra style, or family guy intro music style.
and i'm having trouble arranging the parts in the background.
I need brass clarinets and string sections at least to sound ok
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Here's a couple links to what this recording sounds like right now


Make friends to play other instruments? Get a drink and ask what they're working on--you'll get a full rundown on the technical minutiae if you keep your mouth shut. I guess theres also orchestration books (Samuel Addler's is pretty good).
all the best.
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The particular brass and woodwind instruments you are calling for will likely include transposing instruments; if so, their parts will need to be scored in different keys from the strings, piano, and guitar if all those are involved.

Agree that you should find some musicians that play those instruments and get their input on how to do this, including the various harmonies, voicing, and other  things with which they will be familiar from section playing. As nearby college with a music department might be a start.
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As above - when I need horn parts done I get some horn players to write them. I "might" give some general guidance if I have a certain hook in mind but otherwise I leave the job to the professionals.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
They don't sound too bad atm, but there;s something odd about the rhythm.  It's really hard to hear where beat 1 is.  It could be the horn phrasing, which sounds oddly timed.  (I thought it was the bass at first, but that acuially seems OK.)

For the horns, I've done a fair amount of arranging horns for a rock/soul band, and I don't play the things myself.  I do know several horn players, but I didn't ask any advice.  I just used orchestration reference books, which give the ranges of each instrument, as well as info on other factors, such as difficulties at extremes of range, dynamic effects, etc., ability with fast passages, and obvious stuff such as breathing (don't write lines that go on for ever without any rests!).

The issue of transposition obviously matters if you are going to give your parts to real musicians.  If you're doing it all digitally, it doesn;t matter - do everything in concert.