Hi guys...

So I installed a K&K Pure Mini in my PRS SE Angelus (2012 so pre-electronics) about 14 months ago.

I've just picked up an L R Baggs Anthem for very little money so want to install that ASAP. Tonight I started the process... And the K&K Pure Mini pickup plates DO NOT come off. I was under the impression when I installed it that although it's supplied with a double sided tape for temporary installation, even the super glue option was still removable if necessary. However, it will not move.

Has anyone ever removed one of these, if so, specifically what did you use?

I can't get a scraping tool at the right angle to apply pressure due to the bracing in the guitar and the lack of manoeuvrability, so I was wondering if there is a solvent I can use to weaken the glue but not damage the wood?

Any input would be great here!!!

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