My grandson wants an electric guitar for his upcoming birthday. He's into hard rock and metal. A few friends of mine recommended to get an Ibanez for him. I came across the "Ibanez IJRG220Z Electric Guitar Package" and wondering (since I have no experience with guitars) would this be a could starter pack for him and learn and last awhile? If you have recommendations or any opinions please let me know.


Features Guitar specs

Neck: GRG Maple neck
Body: Poplar body
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: White dot inlay
Jumbo frets
Pickups: Infinity R pickups
Bridge: Standard Tremolo bridge
Hardware color: Chrome
Color:BK (Black)
10W amp
Gig bag
Electronic tuner
Accessories Pouch
You're a pretty awesome grandparent.

Starter guitar packs are generally junk to be honest, and the people who own them tend to grow out of them quickly.

The best thing you can do for your grandson is to actually take him to a guitar store and try out a bunch of guitars to see what he likes. It seems like doing that would spoil the birthday surprise, but guitars are a very personal choice to the individual playing them, so you cannot just guess what your kid is going to like, buy him something and then expect him to like it. No two guitars play identically, even those of the exact same model.

Is this guitar going to be one that he is going to also put money towards, so that he can expand his budget to get something that's better?

I find this video be a decent introduction if you want some basic information.

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