best in terms of what? a MM is basically a plank of wood with a pickup not much to them. 
If you're thinking of a Gibson Melody Maker then the answer is none of them.
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It's a student guitar with bottom drawer hardware.  They do still serve a purpose for some but there are a LOT of nicer guitars out there for the same $$.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
look at Sublime Guitar Company (SGC), i have a very nice Cheftain, as do a few people in my Church, and they make a really nice version of a gibson melody maker that one guy owns.
I'd like to find a 1959 Vintage one with mahogany and rosewood.  I believe this is the same kind Carl Barât uses from the Libertines.  If I can't find one of those, is there another MM comparable to that? 
I've always wanted an old Melody Maker as well. I had a deal on one a year ago, went out to play it and kindly declined. It wasn't good. It was a cheap guitar 50-60 years ago and it still felt like it. I'd like to get one after all one day, but it'll have to be better than the one I played.