Hey guys,

My focursrite 2i2 (1st gen) suddenly broke down and i need a new audio interface! I use it mainly for electric guitar recording. My budget is around 150 euros (~160 dollars).

Any suggestions? Cheers!
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grobba4 I have not heard of many Scarletts just up and breaking down suddenly. You should contact Focusrite support and see if they can help before you just throw it out. I had a Presonus Audiobox that had a horrible noise floor issue and I bought a used Scarlett 2i2 to replace it and its been flawless for me.
I'd say look at Audient first, Roland or PreSonus 2nd.
Steinberg interfaces are reported as being good but their cust. service is total murder, God forbid you have to use them. They're German, so they talk down to you, like they're calling you for help, if you ever get them to answer. Roland's support is Japanese so you're getting some pidgin English, but at least they try, PreSonus is very good from my experience. Audient's the best if you can afford it.
Look at reports of whatever DAW you're using and what the majority of its users are on in terms of hardware, this might help make a more informed decision.
For example, I have a PreSonus Firepod. I originally bought it to work on Mac running Digital Performer. It was a disaster...Luckily, PreSonus provided Cubase LE4 which ran without a hitch. Now I run that same interface on Windows 7 with Studio One software. 12+ years, no hiccups!
grobba4 in your budget... You can get motu 828 MK2 in ebay it cost you $150 -$200 used, it pro class audio interface 8ch that actually a 8ch digital mixer it have so many potentials you can get with that interface... Or if you has more budget you can buy the new version motu 828 MK3 for $800

FYI: MOTU is a first company that use Firewire for audio interface...

You can search so many positive review of motu 828 MK2 in internet...
You will love it when you use the cuemix , even you use shit PC it will not load your PC at all.. Because it host it own dsp in the interface... That why i can classified it as digital mixer, it can be standalone mixer if it has screen and controll surface..but unfortunately Motu didnt made that...
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