Hi all.

I am researching for serious in-depth reviews of a Fender American Professional Stratocaster.

I have tried one and I am seriously considering a purchase. But I would like to know a little more. How does better players than myself consider it? ;-)


Haven't played one but it's got a deep c neck, taller thinner frets and new pickups
im sure the pups are fine so as long as u like em.
deep c sounds to me like how prs cuts the bass side to be more of a V (desirable or a deal breaker)
taller thinner fret.. but why? more sharp notes and harder to slide..odd

is this to replace the deluxe strats?  Been outta the fender loop for a bit after selling my 07 deluxe which had sexy pearl dots 
Quote by Antimage27

is this to replace the deluxe strats? 

No, it's actually replacing "American Standard".

But thanks!