I was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas for how to break out of a "writers block". It's not so much that I'm struggling to write stuff - I always seem to have ideas but I find that I go about implementing them very "samey".

What I mean is that more often than not when I begin a riff if I'm on my 7 string I chug the low B before the riff starts, on a 6 string in drop C I chug the low C and then get the riff going. It's almost like a few hits on that low string is my comfort zone and then I'm fine to go about creating the rest of the riff.

The problem is it's starting to sound "samey" and I want to incorporate new ways of beginning a riff that don't center around an open string. More often than not I can take my riffs from a few songs and plug them into one another at specific parts and they all work because they start with the same open note - I want to break away from that "simplicity" if that makes sense.

Has anyone had this kind of issue before or just in general has some ideas for some good alternate ways to build riffs? They don't have to be heavy in nature just different approaches is what I'm after.