I came to conclusion recently that I no longer require any full-sized heads or cabs anymore. So I'm selling off all of my 212/412 cabs and full sized heads, along with a few other pieces of equipment. I'm keeping the two 112 ext cabs I have, and most of my 112 combos.

Because now I'll have extra space, and extra money, and because selling all of this doesn't alleviate my G.A.S., only redirects it, I want to pick up some more 112 combos and small amps.

I've never owned a Marshall before. I think is would be a great excuse to pick up a 112 combo from them. But because I've never been into Marshall's, their whole model name and sub-model # confuses me. Apparently there are different version of all of their amps (particularly the JCM 800/900). So I need recommendations.

I really don't care about clean channel, it rarely ever gets used, and I have amps with good clean channels if I needed it. I play mostly 80's hair & thrash, but also 70's stuff like KISS, Black Sabbath, AC/DC. I'm not really looking for the most versatile Marshall, I like A LOT of gain (Think 5150 and XXX), the tighter and brighter the better. My research seems to be pointing me towards a JCM 900. This may be correct in a full sized head (MKIII or SL-X), but I'm looking at a 112.  So DSL40 / JCM800 / JCM900? Thanks guys.

Also looking to start a little collection here, so any other 112 combo amps (tube only) that fit this bill, I'd love some suggestions.
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