here is me playing my favorite guitar SOLO sweet chile of mine

what is yours favorite solo?

respect from brasil
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December 14, 2017
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Poison - Nothin' But A Good Time

It's not really that impressive of a guitar solo compared to the solos out there but that song means a lot to me. and the solo specifically. 

It's first song I remember hearing and that solo is the reason I play guitar.  I was pretty young but by the end of that solo I knew I wanted to play guitar. 
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M00NAGEDAYDREAM Absolutely sick face melting solo once again from our hero pav...what a champ
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Jimmy Page's solo from the Song Remains The Same version of No Quarter. 

Basically the best thing ever. 
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I don't just have one favorite I have many from different genres and don't really feel like making a list.
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the solo in spin by revis is my favorite. I know probably nobody has heard of revis but i've been listening to their one abum since it first came out and its probably one of my most favorite cds. anyway that solo was the first thing i wanted to learn when i first picked up guitar... instead my dad taught me foolin' by def-lepard instead, but i aint complaining. how many fifteen year olds do you know that shreds out def lepard?