I've been in possession of the classic Fuzz Face for a little bit now, and normally the amount of fuzz is directly proportional to the volume knob on my guitar. As of yesterday, it has become the case where everything is nearly clean up until about 7 or 8, where some mild distortion comes on, and then after 9 it's all out fuzz.

I know that the latter is something that normally results with a Fuzz Face, and many people say it's a result of pickups and volume knob types. Now I left my pedal/gear at my drummer's house for about a week or so not being played and somebody may have accidentally turned it on, because when I got back I turned on my amp and noticed that it was on (if you've had this pedal, you know that there is no light or anything that lets you know it is on).

This makes me think something happened inside the pedal resulting in this new malfunction, and I'm pretty sure it isn't anything related to my guitar or amp. Does anyone have advice as to what I should do to fix it? I've switched the battery several times in an attempt but no dice.

Thank you!