I'm a fairly inexperienced guitarist but I'm not bad, I kind of just want to learn a bit more about electric guitars in general and maybe just take one apart a bit and eventually kind of customize/fiddle with my own. Is his a stupid thing to do or not I have no idea how hard it'll be or eventually how much it will cost, id probably just buy a pretty bad guitar and have a look at it. Anyone got any advice/warnings.
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I think it is a good idea, and, in fact, my main interest in electrics is modding rather than playing. I would start with basic setup and electronics mods on a decent cheapo. - My favourite guitar originally cost Oz$65 from the local hock shop. For this you would need a few screwdrivers and hex wrenches, a soldering iron, preferably 40w variable, and a cheap multimeter - plus a lot of internet research into setups, pickups and pickup wiring options.
Tony Done thanks, I was looking at just getting a guitar off eBay that was missing some stuff or an unfinished project.
Gg52 I started out guitar modding by tinkering with the guitar I got for Christmas one year. You know, the one that comes with a crappy 8" combo amp and has action about an inch high. After waltzing to the guitar shop and realizing that, as a broke teen, I couldn't afford a reasonable upgrade, I began using dad's old woodworking tools to make my own guitar bodies. It's one of the best ways to learn how the instrument works and how to fix it in a pinch.

One of the things I do is search for "b stock" guitars that are heavily discounted because of superficial damage, like paint chipping or a dent in the body or misaligned bridge/neck. These can be found on various websites (Rondo in America, not sure about UK options). I then scrap the body and salvage the working parts for a faux-custom guitar project.  Even if the project goes horribly wrong, I'm only out about $100 (American) and I've still learned something.  

Go for it.

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